Shen is one of Dan Cooper Group's top producing real estate agents. Specializing in Oakville and Burlington markets, Shen is one of the hardest working and top selling real estate agents you will find in these areas. His approach to real estate sales is the same as his approach to everything in his life, whether it's personal or professional. First and foremost, Shen forges real and lasting relationship with people. He sees everyone he works with an individual, perhaps a friend, before a client. That's what makes him, well, Shen. 

Integrity First. Always.



Shen is completely immersed in getting to know you and your lifestyle. Being surrounded by people who analyze for a living, he can’t help himself from getting to know his clients and really doing a deep dive to figure out what would truly bring his clients joy…even beyond what they say. You could say he has a special skill to see beyond what people say they want, to get to what they truly want.



I chose a career in real estate because it brings me joy to see my clients living in their dream home…and to know that I played a role in making that happen makes it truly gratifying! Click on the play button over my heart to watch a short video of my story.

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Why Work With


Because HE. GETS. IT. DONE. PERIOD. There’s a lot more that could be said here, but really, that’s all you need to know. Shen will keep working around the clock until he gets you what you want. You can call, text, email or live chat him any time of day or night and he WILL respond. Not only is he there for you, he is well connected to top-tier, well-respected, highly qualified and reliable tradespeople and professionals who you may need to help you with preparing your house to hit the market. Shen will help you connect with the right people to make it all happen seamlessly, because he cares about you.

Fun, Jokes &


Working the amount of hours I work, I wouldn’t make it through if I didn’t let off steam every once in a while. Working with me is light-hearted and fun – there’s no reason it has to be so stuffy. I usually end up becoming friends with my clients; it’s hard for me to not to get to know my clients on a personal level because that’s where I really thrive. I believe that work and play don’t have to be separate, and it seems that my clients agree, since a lot of business comes from referrals and repeat business with existing clients. Take a look at this video, it’s sure to make you laugh!

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I Am Shen. Smart. Savvy. Swift. Service Oriented. Sensitive. Sensible. Sympathetic. Steadfast. Sweet. Serious. Sometimes Goofy. A Straight Shooter. So Ready To Help You. Shen.