How Do I Get Access To Pre-Construction Projects In Toronto?

One of the best times to invest in real estate is when a project is at its early stages of conception. Not only do you get the best possible price, you also get to pick the best units. But in order to buy pre-construction, you need to have the right real estate agent with the right connections.

Not all real estate agencies are built equally. By working with me and The Dan Cooper Group you will get first access to a new Toronto projects. We as reputable agents are given VIP pricing, floor plans and incentives. 

The Dan Cooper Group is invited to VIP events for pre-construction projects where the units are often available for pre-sale for the first time. This happens before the projects are made available to the general public.

Investing in pre-construction is a bulletproof plan, but going at it with an experienced realtor and team is highly recommended. Interested in having early access, contact me today for more information.

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