How To Buy A House With Good Resale Value

Even forever homes eventually get sold. Whether you plan on staying for years to come or need a for-now house, always consider the potential resale value of your future home. Here are the 5 most important features to look for when buying a house.

  1. Location

Desirable neighbourhoods usually stay desirable. Look at historical real estate prices in the area and try to find out how much the house you’re looking at has sold for over the years.

  1. Condition

Is the house in good condition or does it need work? A fixer-upper can be a great money maker if you’re ready to put in the time and work. Always consult a contractor before committing to a house that needs work to make sure that what you want to do is possible.

  1. Energy efficiency

A house with energy efficient appliances, new windows and good insulation means less money spent on monthly bills.

  1. Bedrooms

Look for houses with at least two bedrooms. A house with three bedrooms, including a master suite is even better.

  1. Bathrooms

Buyers want more than one bathroom and having one on the main floor in addition to a master ensuite is a big bonus.

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