What To Look For When Buying A Home

Of course, buying a home is an extremely personal decision. But no matter how unique your tastes are, there are some home buying rules to live by and some important questions to ask yourself before putting in an offer.

First, when you walk into a house you’re thinking of buying, it should feel bright, airy and inviting.

Pay attention to the sightlines, especially if you have young children. Do you want to be able to see your kids playing in the living room, or even the backyard, while you’re in the kitchen? 

Is it easy to move between the rooms? Does the layout make sense for your family?

Also, make sure that there’s enough space for everyone in the family, including potential future kids, parents, whoever might move in. A finished basement can be a great space for a playroom and can turn into a rec room when those kids become teenagers.

Are there enough bathrooms? Will there be fights over who gets to use the shower and brush their teeth in the morning?

Outdoor space is also important. Consider how much time you spend outdoors and how you hope to use the space.

Do you want a pool? Do you love hosting backyard barbecues?

Is there a driveway and is it big enough for your vehicles? 

And if there’s a garage, can you access it from the house?

What’s the landscaping like and is it easy to maintain?

If the flow of the house or landscaping of the yard doesn’t quite fit your needs, can renovations or upgrades be made easily? 

Finally, before making a decision, do some research about the neighborhood, schools and amenities like restaurants, grocery stores and cafes.

Ask yourself these questions and make a checklist of both needs and wants for your future house. Bring the checklist with you every time you visit an open house and choosing the right home for you will be much simpler.

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