Why COVID-19 Is The Best Time For A Personal Financial Revamp

I know what you’re thinking. With all the stress that we are already dealing with and so many unknowns, why would I want to start another project? And one that sounds stressful.

Well, as a real estate professional who is invested in my clients’ long term goals and vision, I believe  it’s an important and responsible step you can take. 

Firstly, the pandemic has forced our governments and banks to cut interest rates, which alone could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by switching to the right mortgage. If you’re a landlord, a business owner or own commercial real estate — there is so much change in the air and if you’re not in the know and not seeking unbiased professional advice it could cost  a lot in the long term. 

Second, you have time — something that isn’t afforded to us during normal times, why not use it to learn and to execute new initiatives that are in your best interest.

Your greatest asset, your home is also your largest expense. Take this opportunity to set yourself up with a better mortgage rate, better advice and a better financial future.

My partners at Cannect (voted Canada’s #1 Independent brokerage) are industry leaders in all things finance. Together we have formed incredible solutions for my client base, and even if you don’t make any changes, I strongly suggest that you look at all the options. I’m confident you will be glad you reached out.

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